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This eBook can help you lose 14 lbs. in the first two weeks of training. Due to the program’s massive success I’ve decided to offer eBook for free to everyone’ who’s struggling to lose fat.

Here are just a few secrets you’ll learn about in the eBook.

The best time of the day to workout to lose body fat?

Why cardio won’t give you the results you want?

Which supplements work and which is a waste of money?

How weight training can naturally stimulate fat burning hormones?

How long you need to work out for – major area of debate for which I can finally give you the answer!

The eBook consists of 5 sections.

The first tells you the best way to lose body fat. Typically people try to lose weight through aerobic exercise, however surprisingly you don’t need to perform aerobic exercise to lose fat.

Part two of the eBook is about diet. Like it or not to lose weight you will most likely need to make some adjustments to your diet. I’ve developed several easy to prepare meal plans using proper fat burning food to help you feel better and burn fat without putting too much effort in.

The third section is about supplementation. I have broken this down into 20 tips as to which supplements work and which are a waste of time. And how much supplementation you should or shouldn’t take.

For the Work Out part of the eBook I have designed training routines that will burn fat for everyone. You will enjoy these nicely presented, easily explained yet challenging workouts.

Finally there’s a Q&A in which MM I answer the most common questions about weight loss and how to burn fat.



FAT LOSS METHODS – by Marko Mandic

THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK EVER, on the internet or otherwise, that shows you in detail how to successfully burn fat from specific areas such as the hips, legs, arms and belly. ??

THERE IS NO BOOK AROUND LIKE THIS – I’m not just saying this to sell it to you – you wont find any other book that lays out the proper differences of how to train specific body parts for fat loss.


CHAPTER 1 FAT LOSS METHODS WOMEN NEED TO TRAIN DIFFERENTLY THAN MAN.In this section you’ll find out exactly how you should train and what adjustments need to be made for successful results. You’ll learn the differences in training, supplementation and diet for specific areas like hips, legs, arms and belly and how to target these problematic areas specifically when we want to change our body. ??

IN CHAPTERS 2, 3 AND 4 I EXPLAIN SUCCESSFUL METHODOLOGIES ON HOW TO BURN FAT FROM THESE BODY PARTS – hips, legs, arms and belly. You’ll learn the correct way to train, diet and supplement each of these body parts. With these workouts you can lose up to 40lbs (3stone) (18kg) – Many of my clients have lost this amount after the first 12 weeks of using this eBook. ??

CHAPTER 5 IS THE 12 WEEKS TRAINING WORKOUTS– nice and easy exercises to execute but challenging, fat burning workouts which will give you results like you’ve never seen before and the fat-loss answers you’ve been looking for. The workouts consist over 60 specific weight loss exercises that can all be performed at home – no need for expensive gym memberships and no more travelling to the gym and waiting your precious time if you don’t want to. These can all be done at home and be finished in 30 minutes.



SIX PACK ABS – by Marko Mandic

Everyone has a six-pack. It’s just, unfortunately, some peoples might be hidden underneath a whole layer of fat. In order to reveal that nice, toned six-pack your first need to target that extra body fat.

After thousands of hours researching and over a thousand personal training sessions, I’ve finally discovered the scientifically proven secret for the most efficient fat loss ever. From the huge amounts of strength and interval training articles that I’ve analysed, I accidently stumbled across two studies that prove my theories beyond no shadow of a doubt correct! These articles completely confirmed my theories about fat loss training. This created the foundation for me Marko Mandic and will now change the journey of fat loss training forever!

With just a few simple techniques, discover the way to lose fat and reveal those sexy six pack abs without doing long gruelling cardio. Let me tell you how to eat away that stubborn belly fat and build that muscle you’ve always wanted.

The great thing about this ebook and the exercises we are going to show you is that they eliminate the need for any costly gym membership fees, time and money spent on travelling to and from a gym and banish any of those feeling of guilt you get when you don’t use your membership. They can all be performed in a small space at home with just the use of some basic equipment.

Start reading now and take your first step towards a sculpted, toned and a sexy six pack.



Personal Training Plan – by Marko Mandic

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