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MMworkout.com Compensation Disclosure Policy
We herby inform you that a financial relationship exists between MMworkout.com and umbrella organisations and some of the services and products mentioned, included or promoted. When services or products are referred to within the website materials the owner of such inclusions may be compensated.


Recommendations and inclusions have been made in good faith based on the merit of the services or products mentioned and information gathered through public opinion or personal use.

All efforts have been made to ensure reviews or recommendations are accurate and hones to the best of our knowledge. We do inform you however that because there may have been a financial arrangement there may be a bias for particular products or services.

The owners of MMworkout.com and its umbrella organisations may receive financial reward for providing links to other websites and if a purchase is made of a third party service or product. Whilst this is not always the case, this disclosure has been made to make you the user aware of the potential for such biases.