Abs Workout
There are 12 abs workout at home over 12 weeks, designed to shock the body into losing fat quickly. Many of my clients have lost up to 10 kilograms of fat in 12 weeks and even gained muscle at the same time.The workouts consist of many easy to follow, specific fat burning exercises that can all be performed at home, so no need for gym memberships and wasting your precious time travelling.The exercises can all be performed in 45 minutes at your home with little or no equipment, which gives you no excuse in doing them!

Here are 5 tips, which I will give you for effective fat burn:

Cut carb intake
Use this workout 3-4 time a week
Drink at least 3 litres of water a day
Start taking fish oils
Increase your protein intake

I would also strongly recommend you to download my fitness ebook FAT LOSS METHODS in which I explain fat loss in detail, nutrition, supplementation and training. If you combine these simple rules with the video workouts, you will have the winning formula to get that body you’ve always wanted and maintain a great physique!

Week 1

The first week in fat burn will take you through a challenging workout for beginners and will consist of 6 exercises, which can all be performed using a swiss ball and a bar and should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete. Each workout will get progressively more challenging week by week, so remember to keep lots of water near by and eat a nutritious meal pre and post workout. This will be explained in my ebook, Fat Loss Methods along with much more vital nutritional advice.

Week 2

After week 1 your body has gone through all those nasty aches and pains and is now developing its muscular endurance and strength. You should start seeing some changes in your body and firming up in places you never new existed! Week 2 is more intense, like I said and also wakes up your core stability muscles, which are so important for posture. I strongly recommend an increase your protein intake especially after you train, to repair them sore muscles.

Perform this workout 3-4 times a week using only a swiss ball and bar, goodluck!

Week 3

Week 3 is when you really start noticing some fat loss, increase in strength and feeling more confident about your overall appearance. This week the rest time is slashed and intensity is increased which will improve your fitness to carry on this journey. In my ebook Fat Loss Methods, you will have all the nutritional advice required, which is so important at this stage of your progress.

Week 4

Week 4 a third of the way there and excitement is looming in the air because the body is now responding to the lifestyle you chose of fitness. Fat burn is happening and results are coming thick and fast! Perform this workout 4 times this week. Equipment needed Bench, bar, swiss ball and dumbbells.

Week 5

This week I am really targeting your big muscle groups with big compound movements, which burn loads of calories increasing your fat burn even more. Equipment needed, bench, swiss ball, medicine ball dumbbells and bar. Download Fat Loss Methods ebook, it will help change your life forever.

Week 6

This week I like to call dumbbell week, because all you need is a bench and a set of dumbbells! Week 6 looks a bit more at the technique side of training, as we had to build up your core fitness in the beginning. It also challenges your balance and flexibility, which are the forgotten sides of fitness. Remember to stick to the 5 tips at the beginning and keep ticking them boxes to achieve that well toned body that you are working so hard to accomplish.

Week 7

Week 7 is an upper body blaster! In this week it works chest, back, shoulders, bicep, triceps and abs to firm and shape that torso. Equipment needed for this week is a bench, swiss ball, bar and dumbbells and remember to keep fully hydrated through the day with lots of water and green tea. If you haven’t already you should download my ebook Fat Loss Methods it has everything you need including nutrition, supplementation and training programs that a proven to work.

Week 8

Week 8 is by far the toughest week. It’s a lower body ‘smasher’ workout, which really targets those stubborn areas around the legs and bum. Being a lower body workout it burns a ton of fat and also targets your cardiovascular system. I also have introduced some explosive power training in the jump squat, which really digs into those fat burning cells.

Equipment needed is a step, bar swiss ball and dumbbells

Week 9

Week 9 is a really varied workout because at this point of your journey, your fat levels should be very noticeably down and variation in your training is key for keeping the body shocked with different exercise routines. To keep the fat burning process still spinning training, nutrition and supplementation need to all be happening in conjunction with each other. Download my ebook Fat Loss Methods.

Equipment needed bar, swiss ball, bench and dumbbells.

Week 10

Week 10 gives you high reps, difficult moves and very little rest and by now you should really be in shape. The exercises in this week are highly skilled movements, which should be performed with smooth technique and class in order to reap the full benefits.

Equipment needed, bench, bar dumbbells, swiss ball and medicine ball.

Perform these exercises well and you will reward yourself with amazing fat loss.

Week 11

This week covers all aspects of fitness, which will challenge your balance, core stability, strength and co-ordination. Put these together with high reps, high sets and little rest. Your fat burns process starts to speed up again. Now, accompany this with my ebook Fat Loss Methods and you are guaranteed the results and fat loss you desire.

Equipment needed, bar, dumbbells, swiss ball and medicine ball.

Week 12

Week 12 gives you 1200 repetitions! That’s what you’ve built yourself up to be, a lean mean fat burning fighting machine who is confident with good posture and great health. Never again will you put on that flab and will always maintain a lean balanced physique.You’ve done extremely well up to this point, but there is still this week left. Equipment needed, swiss ball, dumbbell, bar and medicine ball. If you haven’t already (which is un likely) download my ebook Fat Loss Methods. Because you’ve now got a lean healthy body it doesn’t mean the journey is over, still carry on this way of life although you can have a few more cheat days!

Free 12 weeks Abs Workout!!!

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