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MM Workout

Virtual Personal Trainer

Marko Mandic brings you his TRIED, TESTED ad PROVEN fitness to direct to you no mattter where you are. This is your chance to find out what make MM Workout so special and the benefits it can provide you in your quest to improve your fitness.

The right Fitness Information

If too much or incorrect exercise results in breaking down your muscles rather than building them and if too little results in obesity, where do we go?

There is so much information out there, and a lot of it is misleading. Incorrect techniques, diet and training plans could also lead to short or long term side effects.

The key to getting results is to have access to the right fitness information through a personal trainer that actually knows from experience, what works, what works quickly, and most importantly how to maintain it easily.

You need an easy to follow, effective training programme, designed specifically for your physique and goal.


The right Personal Trainer

The right personal trainer, providing clear guidance through your journey makes all the difference in your goals.

Whether you want to gain or lose weight, maximise your fitness or simply get a ripped body, MM Workout has created your very own library of workout videos... And if it’s just a specific body part you want to work on, or you’re after an entire personalised training plan for a specific goal, we have it all.

All of our workout videos and training programmes are available to you through a simple ‘pick and click’ system in the members area, which will automatically short list your appropriate training programme.

The members will also benefit from easy to cook meal plans or recommendations to the right ready made food that won't leave you binging on junk afterwards.


Meet Marko

How many personal trainers do you know, that have deliberately turned fat, then systematically turned themselves around for the stage? How many even know what it really feels like to be overweight and lacking confidence?

Marko Mandic is dedicated professional, who puts his money where his mouth is. He’s not content with theory and certifications. He has tried and tested a lot of his programmes himself. He has produced, directed and featured in the programmes himself, and he has predesigned all programmes specifically for your goals.

Marko finds great satisfaction through your achievements. He has trained thousands, including A-List celebrities and fighters alike.

He will show you how to get an effortless, great diet, correct exercises with correct techniques and guide you through shorter but more effective training sessions. You will be left with less frequent sessions over long, ineffective ones, leaving you with plenty more rest and felling great.


The MMWorkout Virtual Trainer

The MM Workout, On-screen Personal Trainer will teach you the proper technique to perform your exercises, and guide you to achieve all your fitness goals, and in the shortest and safest way possible.

The Virtual Trainer a huge leap in the fitness industry. Anyone can use it, anyone can get results, and everyone will love it!

Train at home, or take him with you

With a ‘one off purchase’ from MM Workout you can have your very own virtual personal trainer on your home TV, or you can have him follow you around on your mobile devices.

Work out at your own convenience and in your own time:

at home
in the office
the park
when travelling
virtually anywhere

Get serious results, FAST!

MM Workout has predesigned its training plans with over 300 'easy to follow' training videos - each based on your specific goals.

The workout videos will ensure correct techniques and guide you through effective training programmes, designed to maximise your workouts in minimum time, leaving more time for you to enjoy the benefits of your new found body.

There are no secrets, and the only one being that you have access to the right training material and clear guidance. Nothing more! Subscribe today to gain unlimited access to all videos and plans, including all future releases.


Try before you buy

Have a look at our workouts section to see get an idea of the kind of things we have made available to you. Of course, we’ve kept all the great stuff for our members, and although they link to our promo video, here are a list samples you can download and use for free. See how this works for you:


Start enjoying all the features of MMWorkout today for only £21.25 and receive a refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days!**To receive a refund you agree to apply in writing to within 30 days of purchase and to a £4 administration and processing charge which will be deducted from the refund amount. The only thing we ask back, is you give your best with the workouts and eating plans, and you take advantage of the online 1-2-1 coaching. We are more than confident that you will experience great results and appreciate the quality of this amazing product.



Check it out... Join us today and get lifetime access to all current and future training materials.

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• Postural Screening

• Body Fat Assessment

• Body Combat Class

• Corrective Strength Class

• Full Body Massage

• Post Session Fitness Manual

• All the motivation you need…!